Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen 134 CBCS (not CGC) 8.5 VF+ HIGH GRADE 1st Darkseid

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 134 CBCS (not CGC) 8.5 VF+ HIGH GRADE 1st Darkseid
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 134 CBCS (not CGC) 8.5 VF+ HIGH GRADE 1st Darkseid

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 134 CBCS (not CGC) 8.5 VF+ HIGH GRADE 1st Darkseid
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen 134 1st appearance of Darkseid CBCS Graded VF+ 8.5! Classic Jack Kirby art! This year, I now have 2 kids off to college, and one trying to survive high school. Any pictures above don’t necessarily appear in comic(s) for sale. They are just for fun. If you are single, I also can’t guarantee that any male or female superhero that might be pictured above is going swing by your house or deliver your comics to you personally. Here is a nice item from my comic collection. I have been collecting comics since the early to mid 1970s. That is why I have had many duplicates in my collection. Ok, I realize if I spent more time listing rather than messing with logos, I’d sell more comics but gotta have some fun. Well, it has likely been part of my quest to find the best books and best condition possible. While in my possession, it has been stored in mylars, mylites, or acid free bags with a backing board upright. This comic is Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen 134 and is conservatively graded VF+ 8.5 by CBCS. It looks a lot better than higher graded CGC ones. Go take a look! Here comes Kirby’s Fourth World. It is the first appearance of Darkseid. This book is super hot and will continue to go up as we approach the JLA movie. This is a tough issue to find. This book is from 1970. This comic is now 46 years old! I decided to try the new grading company founded by Steve Borock. I have always had mixed feelings about grading companies especially with what I saw as real inconsistency in grading by CGC during some times (and in particular overgrading by CGC). So my experience with CBCS so far is great. While some may say they are more conservative, and I think this may be true, I find that the most important thing is that they are consistent in their grading of books. With the graders notes feature, that also helps with accountability. Other times the depth of the cover can make things look wonky. So you may have a shinny black cover in real life but the scan looks grainy. In the case of scanning CBCS/CGC graded books, because of the depth issue, there will be some reflection either at the top of the book or bottom of the book depending on its orientation when I scanned it. Great investment comic that will continue to go up the closer we get to the New Inhumans movie! In some cases, depending on where you live, the comics themselves, and the weight, there may not be savings for 2 comics, but there would be for 3 more. I usually throw in books for free and just work around the weight limit. A must for the hard core collector. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I have been a comic book, toy, and record collector on and off since I started collecting as a kid in the early/mid 1970s. Comic books (and those by Neal Adams in particular) and mego action figures were a big part of my childhood. I also set up regularly at comic conventions in the Southeast in the mid/late 1990s to the early 2000s where I unloaded my NM & Mint duplicate Bronze Age books at dirt cheap prices before they started to skyrocket in the Overstreet Guide and below grading and encapsulating comics became common. Over the coming months, we will continue to offer the best high grade silver and bronze age (both raw and graded-specializing in CBCS graded books) comics we can for you. And of course, for you music collectors can expect some Alan Parsons Project and other music related items for sale also. If you have any questions about this item or any other items or want more pictures please contact me. What are the terms and conditions of this sale? I just don’t want to go to the post office every day. I take high resolution scans and photos so you know what you are getting and rarely put definitive grades so you can judge for yourself. If I sell a set, if you have a problem, then you will genearlly need to send the whole set back. Contact me within 2 days if there is a problem and if everyting is legit, then I would expect you to send the return within a few days of my giving you the thumbs up. Please let the pictures dictate the quality of the items. I have tried to take very detailed pictures or scans so the winner will be happy. Please ask for more pictures if needed or want larger pictures or if you have any other questions. CBCS Versus CGC Grading? I have thousands of comics that I plan to send to CBCS for grading. Where in general, I will call it the 3 Cs. I think the company is Careful, Conservative, and Consistent in their grading. I think their grader’s notes function helps keep them accountabile. And I don’t worry about overgrading by CBCS. I’d sometimes ask myself what planet was the grader on when the book was graded? Was it graded quickly at a convention? Was a prescreener or grader watching a YouTube cat video at the time? While I have seen undergrading also on CGC’s part before, it is usually overgrading. Don’t get me wrong, CGC has been the standard in the business for a long time and can accurately grade comics. I just personally prefer the conistentancy and conservatism of CBCS at this time. I wouldn’t grade a Green Lantern 76 (as CGC did) with the tons of ticks/stress marks along the spine, bottom right corner crease, and other visible wear on the front cover as a 9.0. Same thoughts on the Jimmy Olsen 134 graded 9.0 by CGC and on that one, did we forget to turn the comic over and look at the back cover? In the end, I think quality competition makes the whole grading industry better. I have a reputation for solid packaging to protect your item from the postal worker’s pet gorilla in case he decides to stomp. Rest assured, I will do my part to ensure your item will arrive safe. For some single comics, I often will list at the first class rate for 13 ounces. I usually include some free comics up to the weight. The item “Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen 134 CBCS (not CGC) 8.5 VF+ HIGH GRADE 1st Darkseid” is in sale since Sunday, August 21, 2016. This item is in the category “Collectibles\Comics\Bronze Age (1970-83)\Superhero\Other Bronze Age Superheroes”. The seller is “mojomindspringcom” and is located in Alpharetta, Georgia. This item can be shipped to United States.
  • Certification: CBCS
  • Certification Number: 0006395-AC-002
  • Grade: 8.5 VF+
  • Signed: No
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Publisher: DC
  • Main Character: Superman
  • Genre: Superhero
  • Language: English

Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 134 CBCS (not CGC) 8.5 VF+ HIGH GRADE 1st Darkseid